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Termite Inspectors CT: Termite Swarmers

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Termite Inspector CT Termite SwarmersTermite Inspectors CT: The termite swarm season is upon us. Thousands of CT households will be horrified by the sight of small, winged insects emerging from living room carpets or cracks between walls and tiled floors.

Termites are small, white, tan, or black insects that live in large nests or colonies. Individual “castes” of insects within the colony vary in appearance and perform different jobs, much like other social insects such as ants. The large queen lays the eggs, sometimes thousands in a single day.

She is always accompanied by a king. Soldier termites typically have large heads with powerful jaws used to fend off their enemies—usually ants. The workers, who tend the queen, build the nest and forage for food make up the majority of the termites in the colony. Many types of termites have long lifespans: queens and kings can live for decades; workers for several years. (more…)